Born Under A Dark Star: The Lynn Hansen Story

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Cover of “Born Under A Dark Star: The Lynn Hansen Story.”


Sample page from “Born Under A Dark Star: The Lynn Hansen Story.”

This is a book which tells the true-to-life, autobiographical account of two comics-related adventures I embarked on while attending Washington State University. It tells the story of a cartoonist and his friend, and the strange ways in which this cartoonist became ensnared in his friend’s increasingly-bizarre life. During this time, he found himself grappling with some difficult and unanswerable questions, such as: What is real, and what isn’t? Is my friend the trickster or the victim? Do UFOs exist?

I don’t claim to answer any of these questions; in many ways, this book hinges upon them being un-answerable. But I can promise that the reader will be intrigued by the happenings within, and find them an attractive diversion from other, less-bizarre stories that can’t even claim to be true. So come along, and join us in a strange tale called…Born Under A Dark Star: The Lynn Hansen Story!

Book is 6.75″ wide by 8.5″ tall. Black-and-white, 28 pages, 3rd Ed.
© May 2018 by Adam Whittier.

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