Below is a tribute to Leonard Cohen, who died in November 2016. The piece was designed to be read as a triptych, with the second page being the main event and the first and third pages flanking it on the left and right, respectively. I drew it in my standard old-cartoon style, to invoke the nostalgia one feels when listening to Cohen’s music.
This was an interesting piece to make, and I left the digital version as unedited as possible; everything was done by-hand before scanning. Anything that appears to be a photo (CD, mp3 player) was scanned, printed, and pasted onto the board. Cigarette tobacco and paper was cut and pasted as well. This work, along with The Haunted House, was displayed as part of WSU Tri-Cities’ Undergraduate Research Symposium and Art Exhibition, held in December 2016.

Public Media Drawings, done in an old-cartoon style reminiscent of the type found
in old advertisements or newspaper comics.

Take Only the Good, front and rear covers

Television Commercial for Densow’s Medical Supplies. These were also done in a nostalgic, old-time style.
This choice was made to honor and welcome the elder population that the business serves.