“My Friend Salt,” an illustrated nonfiction book

Front cover of "My Friend Salt," nonfiction illustration; educational illustration
Front cover of “My Friend Salt”

My Friend Salt is a children’s book I illustrated in collaboration with Carol “Krill” Carson, of the New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance (NECWA). You can learn more about NECWA by visiting their site, www.necwa.org. You can also purchase a copy of My Friend Salt here. The book is about humpback whales in general, and “Salt,” the world’s most famous whale, in particular. It could be considered both an educational picture book and an illustrated nonfiction book. This book was published in 2015, and all sales benefit NECWA’s educational outreach efforts. Below are some interior images from the book.

Illustrated nonfiction books are my favorite type of work, and I’m grateful to be involved in this project. I was even able to incorporate some educational comics into the book, which is always a bonus! Aside from general information (of which there is a lot, for a 24-page book), My Friend Salt also encourages children to take conservation efforts into their own hands, and inspires a call for activism within all of us.