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Cartoons for Tumbleweird

I draw a regular cartoon for Tumbleweird, a local alternative newspaper. Below are some of my cartoons from past issues. Since Tumbleweird is based in Richland, Washington, most of the cartoons focus on events in that area.

This was a specially-commissioned poster that was displayed at all of Tumbleweird‘s distribution locations.
Read more about the issue here.

This cartoon focuses on a development company that is buying up hotels in the Tri-Cities.
Their goal is to turn them into micro-apartments, but so far they haven’t made much progress.

Mock Valentine’s Day cards. (Outside of cards shown above; inside of cards shown below.)

Welcome, 2022!
December 2021 “Christmas Issue” cartoon.

This cartoon was printed as a full spread, so that readers could cut it out and play it with their friends!

This cartoon lampoons the way local Republican parties have taken over previously non-partisan elections.

This cartoon is about the COVID-19 “Delta” variant.

The Scout Wind Farm project could have been a great way for farmers to make money with their land
(as well as support clean energy). But Tri-Cities developers and residents had other opinions.
A personal cartoon for Pride month (June 2021).
Most people who volunteer regularly should understand this cartoon.

Another one of my favorites. This cartoon parodies The Family Circus, a comic that I really admire.

This cartoon addresses how U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse was one of the few Republicans in the House who voted to impeach Trump. Local GOP Trumpsters have caused him unending grief for it.

These two county commissioners have routinely worked to undermine safety measures during the pandemic.

An earlier cartoon, also addressing some of the challenges faced in 2020.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and President Trump ransacking the USPS.

Brad Peck is a local county commissioner (Franklin County). He is doing just fine for himself.

This cartoon hearkens back to the summer of 2020, when proud patriots rose up to defend shopping malls from ANTIFA.

Another cartoon about Franklin County Commissioner Clint Didier, who has worked to undermine health and safety measures since the pandemic began.

This cartoon addresses a COVID-19 outbreak at an eastern Washington processing plant.

This cartoon was a collaboration between myself and Gene Weisskopf, whose idea it was.
Tumbleweird liked this cartoon so much that they asked me to become a regular contributor.
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